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Microsoft® Office Powerpoint 2003: Intermediate
Course length: 1.0 day(s)
Certification: Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft® Powerpoint 2003

Course Description:
This course is designed will help students to obtain the skills required to create customised presentations. Students will learn to add various types of different object to slides, such as charts, tables, and diagrams. In addition, students will learn to customise formatting using master slides and colour scheme. Students will also be able to package and deliver a presentation in different formats and create interactive presentations using action settings and hyperlinks.

Target Audience:
Those wanting to obtain intermediate skills in using presentation graphics software, to create presentations incorporating different types of object and a higher level of customised formatting and navigation. With its companion course (Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction), students can use this course to prepare for MOS PowerPoint Core Objectives. A document mapping lessons in the course to certification objectives is provided on the course data disk .

Ideally, you will have completed the course "Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Introduction". You should be able to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create, edit, format, and deliver a basic presentation and use design templates.

With its companion course (Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction), students can use this course to prepare for MOS PowerPoint Core Objectives. A document mapping lessons in the course to certification objectives is provided on the course data disk

Course Content:
PowerPoint 2003 - Using Master Slides
Modify the Slide, Title, Notes, and Handouts Masters • Work with multiple masters • Insert headers and footers and slide numbering • Create and modify a presentation template

PowerPoint 2003 - Colour Schemes
Apply a colour scheme to selected slides • Customise a colour scheme

PowerPoint 2003 - Background Effects
Apply different slide background colours • Apply texture, pattern, and picture fill backgrounds

PowerPoint 2003 - Margins, Indents, and Tabs
Change margin settings in a text box • Change the position of indents • Set the position of tab stops

Office 2003 - Arranging Objects
Arrange and transform objects • Set options for the drawing grid • Group and ungroup shapes

Office 2003 - Inserting a Chart
Insert a new graph using Microsoft Graph • Reposition, resize, and delete a graph object • Modify an embedded graph object • Change data using the datasheet • Change the chart type

Office 2003 - Creating a Diagram
Create a diagram or organisation chart • Modify the layout of a diagram or organisation chart • Format a diagram or organisation chart • Apply an AutoFormat to a diagram or organisation chart

Office 2003 - Drawing a Flowchart
Draw and modify connecting shapes • Modify points on a line

Office 2003 - WordArt
Insert and format WordArt text

PowerPoint 2003 - Using Tables on Slides
Create a table in PowerPoint • Modify a PowerPoint table • Add a table from Word

PowerPoint 2003 - Importing and Exporting Data
Understand Object Linking and Embedding • Insert or paste a linked or embedded object • Edit an OLE object • Import text from Word • Export an outline or slides to Word • Create a new presentation from existing slides • Copy a slide from one presentation into another

PowerPoint 2003 - Action Settings
Create a self-running or looping slide show • Set and rehearse automatic slide timings • Use an action button as a hyperlink • Use any text or object as a hyperlink • Use action settings to open or edit an object or application • Use action settings to play a sound

PowerPoint 2003 - Creating a Custom Show
Define and manage custom shows

PowerPoint 2003 - Distributing a Presentation
Save a presentation in a different file format • Save a slide as a graphic • Save a drawing as a picture file

PowerPoint 2003 - Publishing a Web Presentation
Format a presentation for web publishing • Publish a presentation to the web • View a presentation on the web • Save HTML to a specific target browser

PowerPoint 2003 - Packaging a Presentation
Package a presentation for another computer • Save embedded fonts in a presentation • Change the presentation output format • Use Presenter View to deliver a presentation • Export to 35mm slides

PowerPoint 2003 - Collaborating on a Presentation
Send or save a presentation for review • Add and edit comments • Merge changes made by reviewers

Office 2003 - Research Tools
Translate text to and from different languages • Spell check text in different languages • Research words and phrases using web reference tools

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