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Microsoft® Office Word 2003: Introduction
Course Specifications

Software: Microsoft® Office Word 2003 
Course length: 1.0 day(s)
Certification: Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft® Word 2003

Course Description
This one-day course is designed to help you to obtain the basic skills required to create simple documents using Microsoft Word. You will learn to create, edit, format, print, and review short documents such as letters and memos.

You will learn to apply basic page, paragraph, and character formatting options, create a document from a template, insert pictures and clip art, and create a simple table. You will also learn to review a document using features of Word.

Target Audience
This course has been created for students wanting to obtain basic skills in using a word processor to create, format, and print simple documents, such as letters or memos.

Ideally, you will have completed the course "Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows XP Introduction". You should be able to use Microsoft Windows and basic functions in Office to start an application, get help, and open, close, and save files.

Delivery Method
Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

With its companion course, Microsoft Word Intermediate, you can use this course to prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist Word Core Objectives.

Course Content
Word 2003 - What is Word??
Understand the functions of text editor, word processor, and DTP applications • Recognise the different elements of the Word application window

Word 2003 - Creating a Document
Create a new document • Enter text • Change page display modes (Print Layout, Normal, Reading Layout, Full Screen) • Use zoom to view a document at different magnification • Print a single copy of a document

Word 2003 - Editing a Document
Move the insertion point • Select text • Insert new text • Use Click-and-Type • Type over existing text • Delete text • Use the Undo, Redo, and Repeat commands • Insert the date and time • Insert symbols and special characters • Use the automatic spelling checker

Word 2003 - Moving and Copying Data
Cut, Copy, and Paste with the Windows Clipboard using the menu, toolbar, and keyboard • Move and copy text from one document to another • Use the Paste Options smart tag to change the format of pasted text • Use drag-and-drop to move and copy text • Use Paste Special to choose different formats for data

Word 2003 - Page Setup
Set the default measurement units • Show and hide the rulers • Set page orientation and paper size • Set margins • Insert page breaks

Word 2003 - Paragraph Layout
Set left, right, hanging, and first line indents • Align paragraphs relative to the margins • Control automatic hyphenation of words • Set line and paragraph spacing options • Remove paragraph formats

Word 2003 - Character Formatting
Select and change font and font size • Apply font formats (bold, underline, and italics) • Apply character effects and colours • Copy formats using the Format Painter • Remove text enhancements

Word 2003 - Printing a Document
Use Print Preview • Print a document • Print the current page, selected text, or a range of pages • Print multiple copies of a document • Set print options • Cancel a print job • Troubleshoot printing

Word 2003 - Using a Template
Use a template to create a new document • Create a new document using a wizard • Work within a document created from a template

Word 2003 - Applying a Style
Apply a paragraph style • Apply a character style • Apply a list style • Apply a table style • Use the Styles and Formatting pane

Word 2003 - Formatting a Simple List
Start a bulleted or numbered list automatically • Add bullets and numbering to a list • Change the appearance of bullet characters

Word 2003 - Paragraph Borders and Shading
Apply borders and shading to paragraphs • Remove borders and shading

Office 2003 - Inserting Pictures and Clip Art
Understand Object Linking and Embedding • Insert a Clip Art object • Insert a picture from a file • Insert a Print Screen graphic • Insert an image from a scanner or digital camera • Modify a picture using the Picture toolbar • Crop a picture

Office 2003 - Working with Objects
Select, position, and delete an object • Resize an object • Move or copy an object

Word 2003 - Headers and Footers
Create and modify headers and footers • Insert fields in headers and footers to show variable data (page number, date, file location, author, document title, file name) • Format page numbering

Word 2003 - Proofing Tools
Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker to correct errors in a document • Add unrecognised words to the custom dictionary • Use the Browse Selector and Go To to locate specific elements in a document • Find and replace text

Word 2003 - Basic Reviewing Tools
Show, hide, and print document markup • Add and review document comments • Highlight text in document

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