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Microsoft® Office PowerPoint 2003: Introduction
Course length: 1.0 day(s)
Certification: Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft® PowerPoint 2003

Course Description:
This course is designed to help you to obtain the basic skills required to create and deliver a slide show to accompany a presentation. You will learn to use templates, layouts, and formatting tools to create slides incorporating text and graphics.

Target Audience:
Those wanting to obtain basic skills in using presentation graphics software, such as designing slides and delivering a slide show.

Ideally, you will have completed the course "Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows XP Introduction". You should be able to use Microsoft Windows and basic functions in Office to start an application, get help, and open, close, and save files.

With its companion course, Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate, you can use this course to prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint Core

Course Content:
PowerPoint 2003 - What is PowerPoint?
Understand the functions of a presentation graphics application • Understand some principles of presentation design • Recognise the different elements of the PowerPoint window • Select different views • Change the zoom setting

PowerPoint 2003 - Creating a Presentation
Create a new presentation • Create a specific type of slide • Enter text onto a slide • Delete a slide

PowerPoint 2003 - Entering and Editing Text
Move the insertion point • Select text • Insert new text • Type over existing text • Delete text • Use the Undo, Redo, and Repeat commands • Insert the date and time • Insert symbols and special characters • Create and modify speaker notes

Office 2003 - Working with Objects
Select, position, and delete an object • Resize an object • Move or copy an object

PowerPoint 2003 - Moving and Copying Data
Cut, Copy, and Paste with the Windows Clipboard using the menu, toolbars, and keyboard • Move and copy text from one presentation to another • Use the Paste Options smart tag to change the format of pasted text • Use drag-and-drop to move and copy text • Use Paste Special to choose different formats for data • Change the order of slidesvMove and copy slides between files • Delete slides

Office 2003 - Inserting Pictures and Clip Art
Understand Object Linking and Embedding • Insert a Clip Art object • Insert a picture from a file • Insert a Print Screen graphic • Insert an image from a scanner or digital cameravModify a picture using the Picture toolbar • Crop a picture

PowerPoint 2003 - Formatting Tools
Understand the proper use of fonts and formatting for a slide show • Change text fonts, enhancements, and colour • Change the text alignment • Change paragraph and line spacing • Add different graphical bullets • Add AutoNumber bullets • Use the Format Painter to copy formatting • Apply a slide background colour

Office 2003 - Formatting Objects
Format shapes and objects (line, border, shading, shadow, 3-D)

PowerPoint 2003 - Running a Slide Show
Start a slide show on any slide • Get Help during a slide show • Use on-screen navigation tools • Hide a slide • Add animated transitions between slides • Animate objects on a slide using a preset scheme

PowerPoint 2003 - Printing Slides and Handouts
Select an output format for a presentation • Preview the presentation in Print Preview • Preview a presentation in black and white and greyscale • Print slides in a variety of formats • Add and print speaker notes • Print audience handouts

PowerPoint 2003 - Using Templates and Designs
Create a presentation using a content template • Create a presentation using the AutoContent Wizard • Create a presentation from a design template • Apply a design template to an existing presentation or to selected slides

PowerPoint 2003 - Editing Text in Outline View
Enter and edit text in Outline view • Promote and demote text • Modify slide sequence in Outline view • Import text from Microsoft Word

PowerPoint 2003 - Proofing Tools
Check spelling • AutoCorrect typing errors • Find and replace text

Office 2003 - Creating a Simple Drawing
Insert a picture or drawing canvas • Use the Drawing toolbar to create basic shapes and lines • Draw and modify AutoShapes • Add text to a shape

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