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Microsoft® Office Excel 2003: Intermediate
Course length: 1.0 day(s)
Certification: Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft® Excel 2003

Course Description:
This course is designed to help you to develop your skills in using the spreadsheet tool Microsoft Excel. You will learn to use more advanced functions and create more complex formulas. You will learn to manage and link together multiple worksheets. You will also learn to apply more advanced formatting to charts and use basic reviewing tools, such as the spelling checker and comments.

Target Audience:
Those wanting to develop their skills in using Excel to design spreadsheets to solve basic accounting and data analysis tasks.

Ideally, you will have completed the course "Microsoft Excel 2003 Introduction". You should be able to use Microsoft Excel to create, edit, format, and print a spreadsheet incorporating simple formulas and charts.

With its companion course, Microsoft Excel Introduction, you can use this course to prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Core Objectives.

Course Content:
Excel 2003 - Data Lists
Create a data list • Use a form to view, sort, and enter records • Perform single and multi-level sorts • Filter a list using AutoFilter

Excel 2003 - Borders and Shading
Apply cell borders and shading • Apply AutoFormat

Excel 2003 - Viewing a Large Worksheet
Go To a specific cell or named range • Split a worksheet into different viewing panes • Freeze and unfreeze panes as worksheet titles • View a workbook in multiple windows • Hide and unhide rows and columns • Hide and unhide worksheets and workbooks

Excel 2003 - Managing Worksheets
Switch between worksheets • Enter and edit data on multiple worksheets • Copy data between worksheets and workbooks • Insert and delete worksheets • Move and copy a worksheet • Rename a worksheet • Change the colour of a worksheet tab

Excel 2003 - Logical and Nested Functions
Use the IF, AND, OR, and NOT functions in formulas • Use nested functions

Excel 2002 - Financial Functions
Use financial functions (PMT, FV, PV, NPV, RATE, IRR, SLN)

Excel 2003 - String, Date, and Time Functions
Join strings (CONCATENATE, &) • Extract text from a string (LEFT, RIGHT, MID) • Change case (UPPER, LOWER, PROPER) • Find and replace text within a string (FIND, REPLACE, SUBSTITUTE, TRIM, CLEAN, LEN) • Convert between text and number values (TEXT, VALUE, FIXED, DOLLAR) • Insert specific characters from the Windows character set (CHAR, CODE) • Enter the date and time using functions (TODAY, NOW, DATE, TIME) • Return selected parts of a date or time value (YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND) • Perform calculations using date/time values • Use other date functions (NETWORKDAYS, WEEKDAYS, WEEKNUM)

Excel 2002 - Statistical Functions
Use counting functions • Use averaging functions • Use other statistical functions (MIN, MAX, MEDIAN, MODE, STDEV)

Excel 2003 - Creating and Applying Styles
Define a style • Apply a style to worksheet cells • Remove a style from cells • Modify an existing style • Copy styles between workbooks

Excel 2003 - Proofing Tools
Use AutoCorrect • Use Find and Replace • Check spelling across the worksheet

Excel 2003 - Adding Comments
Add a comment • Review, edit, and delete comments • Print comments

Office 2003 - Formatting a Chart
Add, remove, move, resize, and modify chart elements (titles, labels, legend, axes, gridlines) • Format chart elements (borders, patterns, font, values) • Format chart axes (number format, text, line width) • Format data series (scale, shading, spacing, width)

Office 2003 - Inserting Pictures and Clip Art
Understand Object Linking and Embedding • Insert a Clip Art object • Insert a picture from a file • Insert a Print Screen graphic • Insert an image from a scanner or digital cameravModify a picture using the Picture toolbar • Crop a picture

Excel 2003 - Distributing a Workbook
Save a workbook as a plain text file • Save a workbook for a different application • Save a workbook as a template

Excel 2003 - Creating a Hyperlink
Create a hyperlink to a file, place in a document, or place on the web • Create an email hyperlink • Use or modify a hyperlink in a worksheet

Office 2003 - Research Tools
Translate text to and from different languages • Spell check text in different languages • Research words and phrases using web reference tools

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