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Microsoft® Office Access 2003: Advanced
Course length: 1.0 day(s)
Certification: Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft® Access 2003

Course Description:
This course will help students to customise and manage a database application using Microsoft Access. Students will learn to use macros and command bars, link to external data sources and update data using action queries. Students will also learn the basics of managing a shared database. Students will learn how to use the User Level Security Wizard to secure the application and create a split-end database for use on a network.

Target Audience:
Those wanting to customise basic database applications or to manage a database in a multi-user network environment. Students should have completed the course "Microsoft Access 2003 Intermediate" or have equivalent knowledge or experience. You should be able to use Microsoft Access to create a relational database and be confident using the query, form, and report design tools.

Ideally, you will have completed the course "Microsoft Access 2003 Intermediate". You should be able to use Microsoft Access to create a database, tables, queries, forms, and reports.

With its companion courses, Microsoft Access Introduction and Microsoft Access Intermediate, you can use this course to prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist Access Core Objectives. A document mapping lessons in the course to certification objectives is provided on the course data disk.

Course Content:
Access 2003 - Normalisation
Understand the theory of normal forms • Understand de-normalisation

Access 2003 - Using a Subform or Subreport
Use the Form/Report Wizard to create a form or report based on multiple tables • Use the Subform control and synchronise forms • Modify the layout of a subform • Use the Subreport control

Access 2003 - Creating Chart Reports
Create a chart report • Insert a chart control • Modify a chart control

Access 2003 - Creating PivotTable Reports
Create and use a PivotTable or PivotChart

Access 2003 - Using an Action Query
Transfer data to other tables with Make Table and Append queries • Change data with an Update query • Delete data with a Delete query

Access 2003 - Linking to an External Data Table
Create a link to data stored in a spreadsheet • Create a link to a table in another Access database • Split a database into a front-end and back-end • Manage linked tables

Access 2003 - Optimising Database Performance
Optimise queries using indexes • Use the Performance Analyzer

Access 2003 - Managing Shared Access
Understand the issues involved in sharing a database • Set record locking on shared objects • Secure an Access database with user-level security • Configure user and group accounts • Configure account permissions • Transfer ownership of database objects

Access 2003 - Managing Database Replication
Replicate a database • Synchronise replica sets

Access 2003 - Designing a Macro
Understand what a macro is and how it works • Create a new macro • Run a macro • Add a macro to an event handler

Access 2003 - Designing an Application
Create and delete toolbars and menu bars • Add and delete toolbar buttons and menu items • Create a switchboard form • Customise startup settings • Add help screen to an application

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