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Microsoft® Office Access 2003: Introduction
Course length: 1.0 day(s)
Certification: Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft® Access 2003

Course Description:
This course is designed to help you to obtain the skills required to update records in a database and to use Access to create a simple database. You will learn to design tables and queries and to create forms and reports using built-in tools.

Target Audience:
Those wanting to design simple database structures using Access.

Ideally, you will have completed the course "Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows XP Introduction". You should be able to use Microsoft Windows and basic functions in Office to start an application, get help, and open, close, and save files.

With its companion course, Microsoft Access Intermediate, you can use this course to prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist Access Core.

Course Content:
Access 2003 - Basic Database Concepts
Understand what a database is • Recognise the advantages of using a computer database • Know the function of the main database objects (table, query, form, report)

Access 2003 - What is Access?
Recognise the different elements of the Access screen • Create a new blank database • Select a database object using the Objects Bar • Open and close an existing database • Log on to an existing database • Make a backup copy of a database file

Access 2003 - The Database and Table Wizards
Create a database using the Database Wizard • Create a table using the Table Wizard

Access 2003 - Adding and Editing Records
Enter records using a datasheet • Undo changes to a field or record • Navigate through records in a datasheet • Find a record • Check spelling in a datasheet • Replace data • Delete records from a table

Access 2003 - Using a Datasheet
Modify the layout and formatting of a datasheet • Sort records by a single field or by more than one field • Apply and remove a filter • Use Filter by Selection or Filter by Form • Use basic operators to construct simple criteria expressions

Access 2003 - Designing a Table
Determine data inputs and outputs for a database • Create a table in design view • Use multiple data types • Set a primary key • Switch between design and datasheet views and different object windows • Modify basic field properties (size, format) • Delete a table

Access 2003 - Using a Form
Understand the differences between a form and a datasheet • Use AutoForm to generate a simple form • Save and close a form • Create a form with the Form Wizard • Open an existing form • Enter and edit records using a form • Navigate through records in a form • Add, delete, and modify records using a form • Find, sort, and filter records using a form • Delete a form • Add a label to a form header or footer

Access 2003 - Using a Select Query
Understand the differences between a query and a sort or filter • Create a query using the Simple Query Wizard • Add, remove, and hide query fields • Sort query results • Run, save, close, open, and delete a query

Access 2003 - Using Criteria Expressions
Select records by a single criterion • Create an expression • Select records using multiple criteria

Access 2003 - Using a Report
Preview output from an object • Print output from database objects (table, query, form, or report) • Use AutoReport to generate a basic report • Save, close, open, and delete a report • Change the Page Setup of database objects

Access 2003 - Creating a Report
Create a report using the Report Wizard • Create a label report • Use report sections • Move, resize, and delete controls • Add and modify a label control • Undo and Redo design changes

Access 2003 - Modifying a Table
Set table field properties (size, caption, format) • Set up an index • Use the Hyperlink data type • Modify a table by adding and removing fields and changing field properties

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